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Thought leadership content is a powerful tool to drive engagement with clients and prospects, highlight your expertise and enhance your marketplace visibility.

Whether you’re a busy marketing professional or business owner, you understand the benefits quality content can provide. By describing the products and services you and your company provide, and how clients benefit from working with you, you demonstrate your experience and trustworthiness to prospects and clients.

Effective content also helps you reinforce your brand by keeping your company in your clients’ minds between the times they’re doing business with you. Maintaining communication with your clients on a consistent basis helps increase how often they’ll turn to your company when they need your services.

I'm an experienced content creator and storyteller who helps professional services firms increase engagement and improve relationships by helping your clients and prospects understand what's going on in their industry, what it means, and, more importantly, how you can help them respond. 

Through a collaborative, confidential process, we'll discuss your goals, the message you want to convey and the business issues you help clients address. We'll exchange ideas and choose the most effective approach to help you engage with your clients.

With experience helping professional services firms develop thought leadership and content marketing strategies, I can support your business objectives with:

  • Whitepapers

  • Bylined articles

  • Email newsletters

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Content Specialties


Whitepapers, a foundation of professional services content, provide a concise platform for sharing your insights and expertise about emerging industry issues, leading practices, compliance developments or other trends that affect your customers and prospects. Sharing your thoughts in a concise paper or microsite provides an effective platform for increasing engagement while highlighting your expertise.

bylined articles

Shorter than whitepapers, bylined articles provide a way to highlight your expertise in the key websites and periodicals your customers and prospects read to stay apprised of industry or regional developments.

email newsletters

Engage with prospects and customers consistently with newsletters that reach them directly in their inboxes to build relationships and help increase sales. Keep them informed about industry news, offer helpful tips or announce your latest company news.


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