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Insights on Content Production and Marketing

Content Ideas Are Everywhere

One of the challenges many marketing teams and solo consultants face in producing quality content is coming up with enough ideas to maintain a consistent flow.

The good news, though, is that several sources -- including customer concerns and industry trends -- can provide a steady stream of content that helps you establish and reinforce relationships while highlighting your industry and technical expertise.

The questions your customers are asking your subject matter experts, for instance, can provide a powerful source of content ideas. Pay attention to the issues they’re discussing with your experts and to what they’re asking about during the sales process, since other clients and prospects are likely wondering about the same subject.

For example, questions about return on investment could lead to an interesting blog post or video highlighting how clients and determine the return on a services engagement. You can describe common metrics, such as increased revenue, decreased customer hold time, reduced absenteeism, improved worker safety or other factors, and explain how they can be calculated or customized to meet specific situations.

By doing so, you demonstrate that you’ve addressed similar situations and reassure prospects about your experience.

You can also develop content tied to your clients’ industry busy season -- not as much the busy season itself, when they’re probably too frantic to read or watch your content, but more in preparing for that rush effectively.

Most busy seasons have a preparatory phase, such as a retailer determining how much inventory to purchase before the year-end holiday period. By providing insights on how they can do a better job with these estimates, you demonstrate your industry experience and provide value that can enhance your relationships.

Industry Trends

Discussing industry trends is another great way to demonstrate your experience and expertise. If customers are struggling with a particular issue, offering generalized advice that can help other companies can form the basis for a compelling post or video.

If your customers are in industries with regulatory concerns, highlighting proposed or recently enacted standards can be another valuable type of content.

While busy customers and prospects will be interested to some degree in recaps of current or emerging industry trends, the real value will come if you can go one step further and discuss the likely implications on their organizations.

Online Postings

The questions customers are asking in online forums can also provide a rich source of ideas. You can monitor and ibute to discussions on LinkedIn groups (be sure to focus on customers’ industries as well as your own) or industry-specific forums.

Along with answering questions directly in the forum, you can develop written or video content on your platforms that provide more detailed answers or point readers to helpful resources.

Your initial response in the online forum can help establish a relationship with the original poster and the people who read the forum, while your subsequent content can reach a broader audience (while enhancing the content’s benefits).

By paying attention to customer concerns and industry trends, you’ll develop a rich source of ideas for valuable content that will benefit prospects and customers.

Dave Pelland